Fully automated confident technologies captcha bypassing

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How this works?

At first, you must have a software which can do all automation job except the captcha decoding. For example, the software may vote for you automatically, may grab tweets automatically, may put your shoes in cart automatically. When your software meets a captcha, it will grab the image and other information. Then it will send all such information to our service via our API. We hire human workers sitting there and decoding all the captchas for you. When the answer is ready, your software will get the answer and then fill the forms and have everything done.

In this way, everything is fully automatic for you.

Does it work well?

Sure YES. Thousands of customers have used our service and they say it is great.

Who you are?

We are team who run BypassCaptcha since 2008 and we are experts on running such a serivce. We also run the BypassVoice service.

Our team includes professional programmers who worked for Intel, Microsoft and Google before. Our team also includes good workers who are dedicatedly working for CAPTCHA's.

So what to do now?

If you are a programmer, plz kindly sign up and integrate our service with the API examples.

If you just want to use our service, you need to at first confirm if your software already supports our service, if not, you need to ask the author to integrate our service at first. If yes, just sign up and order credits and then start to use.

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